Pre-Payment Meters

A pre-payment meter works on a ‘pay as you go’ basis so that tenants are in control of how much energy they are using. 

Once the property is empty and the tenant has left, there is a daily standing charge for maintenance, the cost of keeping you connected to the network and various operating costs.

As long as the property is empty, this charge applies.  On average, it works out about 20-22p per day, per meter.

If you have a void for 30 days this works out at about £13.00, however, if your property is empty long term, there could be debts of over £100.  Until recently, utility suppliers often allowed for this debt to be wiped using a re-set code which takes the balance to nil but this is now no longer allowed.

This is an extra charge which needs to be taken into account along with your mortgage payment and council tax for the rental property.